The new idea behind the “S Bella!®” borns from the philosophy of THE ZEN GARDENS.

They are places of meditation in balance with nature and temples of timeless elegance.

They represent the idea of past and modernity linking together harmony, style and precision.

"S Bella!®" is a pen with a strong past which looks to the future. With its mix of experience and maturity, the pen shows its new youthful approachwithout refusing one’s past.


With "S Bella!®" pen Stilolinea invites its Customers to ridiscover the emotions of the manual writing, leaving a highly personal sign through their own hand-writing. "S Bella!®" pen, as all the Stilolinea products, is realized with the greatest attention to details.

Following simple geometrical shapes, it does reach a perfect harmony between design and its parts.


"S Bella!®": "It does make the difference in the promotional market" through a new design, different shapes and a wide range of fashionable capabilities. The first Stilolinea twist pen, with a big clip and other huge spaces for promotion (lower barrel, upper barrel, diamond).

"S Bella!® Young": "Think Different and Break the rules!". Pure italian design, fashion colours and no clip to satisfy the demand of less conventional markets (beauty-wellness-fashion sectors, ect).


"S Bella!® Add-On": "With a small Add-On you can change your business". More space with added accessories. This is the version with the highest potential to enter in other markets, different from the promotional one, like stationary or toy sectors. A way to reach this goal is to create a solution combining the pen with stickers, labels or prints of licensed characters.

"S Bella!® T-Screen": "For all the multiscreen surfers familiar with the well-known Roundhead Touch Screen pen". An high tech item, specifically designed, to write, on mobile devices, like an every-day pen. A chance to enter in a new market like the one of the biggest retail chains of electronic products.

S Bella!®: the Stilolinea innovative pen

Ten prototypes of promotional pen made by the Department of Architecture and Design at the Politecnico together with the company. Effective synergy between industry and university.
By merging the characteristics of three concepts, after a process of industrialization of the product, Stilolinea creates a new model.

S Bella®! is an example of "re-design", a design reflection on an everyday object: the pen. But also a happy meeting between business and university and a product designed and created entirely in the same district.
Tell + Write is an initiative that collected 10 different projects, all related to the “pen”, to be produced and designed with eco-materials. The University is represented by the Department of Architecture and Design at the Politecnico in Torino, while the company is Stilolinea Srl.

A innovative pen, eco-friendly throughout the complete production process and developed thanks to the use of digital technologies and the most advanced prototyping supplied by the Politecnico. Different in ten different ways.
Some of these pens offer as customization the replacement of the clip;  others have been conceived with an ergonomic triangular design, and others have made tangible one of the most widespread improper use of the pen, i.e. the hair clip. Stilolinea contacted the Department of the Polytechnic to be submitted to an examination of their structural organization and its production system. The expert advice also included the definition of new projects. Then it came out the idea to exploit the capabilities of the students of the degree courses in Design and Communication and those of the Master of Science in Ecodesign, coordinated by Paolo Tamborrini and Fabrizio Valpreda.

On December 12th 2013, at the Valentino Castle, took place the presentation of the project, in a seminar which was attended by representatives of young entrepreneurs and some key industries such as Lavazza Turin and Fiat-Chrysler. What has emerged is a forecast. The pen of the future will have to be environmentally friendly and integrated with digital systems while tomorrow projects, according to what has come out from Tell + Write, will see greater integration between university resources and companies.

Download brochure of the project

S Bella!®: identity card

What it is and what is its name
Stilolinea realises S Bella!®, the new pen that does not go unnoticed, just like a beautiful woman!
So far, no one has ever seen a pen like S Bella!®: it draws the attention with its modern design, totally Italian, and encourages you to try it right away in all its functionality.
With S Bella!® the pleasure of writing is quality;
With S Bella!® Italian design is a daily satisfaction;
With S Bella!® the convenience of the web technology is the easy rhomboidal insert touch screen responsive like a feather.
S Bella!® dresses itself according to any need thanks to a nice clip or accessories from different shapes that enhance the communication skills of the person who uses it.

What it looks like
S Bella!® of Stilolinea is beautiful inside and outside.
S Bella!® is the new Italian design Stilolinea pen: it draws attention and does not go unnoticed!
It is slender and stylish just like a top model.
The simple, clean and decisive design with not too elaborated lines and multifaceted aspect lend S Bella!® a defined feature different from all the others.
S Bella!® leaves its mark! If it were a woman, you would turn to look at her because so modern and particular.
S Bella!® is light as a feather: the writing flows with pleasure. It is pure harmony and depth in an  asymmetrical game of volumes.
S Bella!® communicates with each side, one at once or 4 all together! The ring, the clip or the diamond of S Bella!® can dress colors and images maximizing the customizable area: natural, nude look, or colorful through thousands of possibilities.

In ABS, highly resistant and non-toxic plastic with twist mechanism, high-quality refill for maximum writing results.

S Bella!® is the most versatile model among the entire Stilolinea range of products.
The complete range has 5 versions!
S Bella!®: geometric variety, customization and simplicity are the features that describe a  multifaceted and always different pen.
S Bella!® Color: the coloured touch on the top of the pen enhances the diamond, original in its diagonal cut, which can be customized.
S Bella!® Extra: the chromatic strength is at the top in this version where the black clip enhances the colors game of the diamond, of the upper barrel and lower barrel.
S Bella!® Young Color: slender and clean in its design, S Bella!® without clip dresses itself with the lightness of intense colors.
S Bella!® Young Trendy: in the young version, S Bella!® wants to make unforgivable without clips, choosing the most fashion colors, alternating the bright and the shade ones.
S Bella!® Silk Touch: in the most elegant version, S Bella!® does not give up personalization adding lovely and silky surfaces.
S Bella!® T-screen and S Bella!® Young T-screen: a perfect solution for whom want to use the pen even when the ink is not needed, comfortly surfing on Tablet and Smartphone.
S Bella!® Add-On Slash and S Bella!® Add-On Round: a revolutionary element easily applied to the pen, easily replaced by an innovative system of "matching-release", offers another chance to tell always different promotional stories and amaze with simplicity and innovation.
The color range is stylish: timeless colors, but translated in a decisive, gritty and modern way as only S Bella!® can be.

A unique and innovative “ Made in Italy” product with competitive prices.

Whom it is for
S Bella!®: a pen like this is borning every 10 years; it is lively, dynamic and likes to be noticed for this reason. It can speak to those who live in the twenty-first century: it loves travelling, communicating, easily navigating. It is projected in the network and it is open to the community; it is intuitive in its use and ideal for everyone.
It is not a simple writing tool: it is a whole world, a world of Italian style, with a strong personality, modernity and entertainment.
S Bella!® is loved by everyone: high-tech men, managers, be-social boys, e-consumers, children thanks to its accessories, or simply those who love to be surrounded by beautiful things even in everyday life.

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Perfect harmony between design and aesthetics
The perfection of shapes
Innovate with the strength of the past
The simplicity of beauty

Innovation in Design, versatility of customization, communication.
S Bella®! is the beginning of a new generation: new product, new image, new markets.

With “S Bella!” Stilolinea aims to differentiate itself in the promotional world thanks to the original design, modularity and extensive customization capabilities.
S Bella®! is available in 5 versions:

  • S Bella®!
  • S Bella®! Young
  • S Bella®! Silk Touch
  • S Bella®! T-Screen
  • S Bella®! Add-On.


The great challenge of the company is to enter different market channels: S Bella®! Add-On has been conceived for the stationery or toy sector, linking the pen to a new licensing project, while S Bella®! T-Screen has been made with the aim to be present in the distribution channel of electronic products and in the traditional retail trade.

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